LED Light Therapy Facials

Professional Aduro Light Therapy


Aduro LED has been used by Deltra Goodrem, Julia Roberts and Renee Zellweger

LED Light Therapy is a non-ablative cosmetic procedure which utilizes Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology to treat a variety of skin imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, blemishes, uneven skin tone and texture, and stretch marks. The LED light treatment is a gentle and natural treatment much like the process of photosynthesis, also know as photo-bio-stimulation (‘the stimulation of life processes with light’).

The ADURO system may use visible red (red light), blue (blue light) and infrared (invisible light), green (green light), yellow (yellow light), orange (orange light), cyan (cyan light), purple (purple light) energy to stimulate your body’s own regenerative metabolism at the cellular level. By stimulating the body’s tissues to convert light energy into cellular energy (ATP), a light therapy treatment provides energy that your cells can use to:

  • Accelerate the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Increase cellular permeability, allowing for increased cellular nutrient intake.
  • Increase the removal of excess fluid and waste products from the cells.
  • Increase the production of macrophages (scavenger) cells for the removal of toxins and scar tissue.
  • Increase lymphatic drainage.Increase vascularization (blood flow) to the surface of the skin.

 Results may be seen instantly but a minimum of 6-12 treatments are required to achieve full results, at that point, you will be re-evaluated to see if more sessions are needed in order to achieve realistic goals. Each client is different and may require more or less treatments depending on many factors including (but not limited to) client age, original condition of skin and diet.

 Purely for LED.  Immerse your skin in therapeutic light for the ultimate hydrating, rejuvenating, calming and purifying facial experience that is tailored specifically to target the individual concerns on different areas of the face with tailored light wavelengths for the concerns. Cleanse, Ionactive, LED, moisturise.


The ultimate indulgence in LED light facials.  Upgrade your signature LED light facial to drench your skin in our marine collagen vitamin infused mask.  Suitable for all skin types, restore your skin with hydration, instant plumping effect, whitening and brightening with calming and anti-inflammatory effects.  Infusing, Vit C, E & A, Rose extract and liquorice root extract diminishes the appearance of dark under eye circles, discoloration and age spots.  The extract has powerful antioxidants that help protect the skin from free radicals as well as lichochalcone, a natural phenol that helps balance oil production, making this a great ingredient for oily skin types as well as aged and dry skin requiring nourishment for the most uplifting LED facial.

Get that Glow… with an hour to custom tailor and treat the skin with a double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed) and the amazing game changer LED and relaxing massage.  This is a superb treatment that gives your skin great.  Add on the incredible collagen face mask designed to go under the LED for only $20 in salon.

Deluxe LED facial


The crème de la crème.  An infusion of our greatest facials using Dermaviduals and LED light therapy.  A luxurious and targeted treatment to deep cleanse, enzyme treatment, extract impurities, masques LED light therapy with a luxurious long massage.  Leave feeling pampered and nourished with glowing radiant skin.