Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition plans and counselling

Plant Based nutrition specialising in Skin Nutrition to help improve acne, dermatitis, rosacea, gut health and overall health, wellbeing and longevity for yourself and the planet.

Why work on nutrition?

Plant based nutrition to help improve gut health, skin health and overall health. It is not about making you plant exclusive but as close to it as suits you.

Specialising in Skin Nutrition or Dermo-nutrition as a highly skilled skin therapist being able to adapt your nutrition for each skin disorder.

Why Plant Based? The plant based diet is not only ethical but it is the most sustainable for the health of the planet, it is the dietary pattern that all of the longest living populations around the world adhere to and they consume little to no animal products while living long and healthy lives.

People often fail plant based diets for many reasons and Livia will help to get over the hurdles.